Monday, February 20, 2006

TaRA Strands

In every ending there is a beginning.
These are the images used in the creation of Tara.
The beauty of digital is that images can continue to evolve & change as we move thru time & space.

This image was taken on Mother's Day, in the same year that it coinsided with Miche's birthday. This is the same goddess used in the poem 'She', but here She is Yang beeing of the month of May and of the Day. The Other is Yin, beeing of the month of December and of the Night. His Voice said 'Let's go take photaes of the InfiniteRose'. Along Rio Grande Blvd., there was a Rose Parade of blossoms and buds. Many photaes were snapped, the reults of which were & are beeing used in the creation of imagery; HeSheRose, RoseBud, BuddingPotential, Blodeuwedd, VehickleLight, LightSeeking & ClimbHigh thus far, with more to come. The InfiniteRose InDeed! My sojourn contined as i headed to my mom's house for a Mother's Day visit. His Voice said 'Swing by the Queen of Heaven'. i did, & lo & beehold, there was a Rose growing amonst the Stars! Upon viewing the 'Tara' images, a friend of mine said that She looked like the goddess from his Queen of Heaven elementary school, & yep, U got it, She was! Tara is truly a RAinBow goddess, & it is my beeleaf that the poem 'Tara' was written 4 2 of them, the White & the Green. The Sanskrit root târ-means "to traverse" or "cross over" as in using a bridge to ford a stream (Bifrost). As a Târîni, she carries you across; she serves as a bridge (Bifrost) for you to get to immortality. But the root tar-can also mean "tree" (Rick-in-Tree). In Sanskrit, the name Tara means Star, but she was also called She Who Brings Forth Life, The Great Compassionate Mother, and The Embodiment of Wisdom, and the Great Protectress. She is indeed the Soul's Remembered Guiding Star.
This image represents the White Tara, the peaceful, compassionate White Tara, who protects and brings health, long life, peace & serenity. Her body is white, as an autumn moon; clear as a stainless crystal gem, radiating light. Her whiteness is as RAdiant as the eternal snows (from the Land of Summer Snow) in all their glory & is indicative of the selflessness -- the purity -- of compassion. White Tara seems to help more with longer-term problems, particularly problems of physical or mental health. It sometimes seems as if she is more distant, harder to contact at first. Then it is as if she sends us healing energies and mystical power and understandings. Every morning before she had taken food, she introduced and fixed innumerable beings in the state of acceptance; every evening she did the same, and so she became known as Tara the Saviour. She sees beyond the mortal veil into eternity & gently reminds us that all things pass & that each moment is perfect. OM TARE TUTTARE TURE, MAMA AYUR JANA PUNTIN KURU SOHA (Ohm, Tahray Tootahray tooray, mahmah ahyoor poonyay jnyana pushtim kuru[-ye], So-hah)Inside the white Tara is an image of Christ, the one most people think of when one thinks of when one says the word Saviour.

The White and Green Taras, with their contrasting symbols of the full-blown and closed lotus, together represent a union of opposites that symbolize the unending compassion that labors both day and night to relieve suffering. Tara is an archetype of our own inner wisdom, a transformation of consciousness, a journey to freedom, a reminder that all living things are of one seamless body. Go into the quiet, go into the calm & discover within yourself the wisdom, compassion and glory that is Tara. You will return stronger & more capable of dancing with life. OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SVHA (aum tarray toot-tarray turay so-ha)