Monday, September 11, 2006


Perhaps the stars in the sky are but openings
where those that have gone before
into the great unknown
shine down upon us
to let us know that they are

The first of my 24 respite images whose photaes came to Light just before this date with the trees that looked 2 mee a bit like the twin towers. InSynk with this, i came across this by an unidentified author, and from which i derived my rearRAngement; "Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, but RAther openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy."
04142007-As i continued my search for stories following my first pursuit earlier in the day 4 Swans (sea I Did Not Die-April 2007), i was very distinctly 'told' to type in DragonFly Lore and not Myths as i had done earlier for Swans. This came up 1st: Dragon=DNA. Fly=Ascension of Consciousness

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Tomorrow we celebrate the second anniversary of 9/11.

Today I did a reading with a Chinese businessman who lives and works in Chinatown, which is not far from Ground Zero. He witnessed the terrorists attacks on the Twin Towers and spoke about the shock, fear and panic that ensued during and in the aftermath of the events. As we spoke I noticed a small fluffy feather fly by and sort of swoop back and forth in front of my sliding glass doors. I said nothing about it.

This was followed by a red dragonfly with two sets of translucent wings. It landed on the railing of my terrace just in front of us. In the 13 years I have been living here, I have never seen a dragonfly in this area. As I am familiar with the manifestation of some of the souls who died on 9/11 in forms of birds, butterflies and other flying objects. I knew this was linked to the events of 9/11. I ran to get my digital camera as my client watched the dragonfly. By the time I got back to the sliding glass doors it flew away, never to be seen again!

On Sunday two orange and black butterflies landed on my railing then flew off towards Manhattan.
Hence, the reVisions to InMemoria09112006. (sea StarClouDragonfly 4 the beautyFull blew dragonFly oriGinal-April 2007)
and, i did not sea the blew DragonFly photo at the bottom of the page until AFTER i had made revisions to InMemoria!
i also added the window Miche's photae from the church at Iona, which is the medallion hanging from the necklace of stars. (Perhaps i can get another story comment from her!) i noticed that this window reflected the triquetra used in ProfundaPazRAflower of March 2007. It should also bee noted that the 2 orange & black butterflies at the top of the trees were sent 2 mee from Miche when my mom crossed over (she loves butterflies)

The Fabric of the Universe was derived from this photae of a 'Star Veil' that used to hang on my bedroom DoorWay in CorraLess. and the syncronicities continue as i just Googled for Brian Greene's book which i thought was called The Fabric of the Universe (it's actually titled The Fabric of the Cosmos) and found this instead; The Soul and the Fabric of the Universe by R. A. Elschlager! (

Sea SuCasa for the Lotus' story-October 2006.