Sunday, October 29, 2006



Thru the All Forever We are SoaRing
~Rick Allen~

A request from an inspired friend ultimately led to this creation. Allthough not exactly as she had 'sketched' her inspiRAtion 2 mee, this was the image that began to form in my mind, and which consequently fell into place, as usual.

Is inspiRAtion contagious? From whence does it come? Is it a Communion for which wee R but a Channel 4 the translations of the Melodic River that flows aRound & Thru us? She was pleased with the image, but requested some tweaKing 4 witch she got 2 tweaks.

This is the Star Veil photae from witch the Fabric of the Universe was Formed, a shot of an actual piece of fabric that was metallic Silver on Black, but witch had the metallic Gold from a metal box reflecting in2it.

The Rose photae came from a Magical Day when the Muse said Let's go take pictures of those Roses wee saw the Other Day!

And the Jaguar photae was taken by my friend Rose, who 'just happened' to have it with her on a visit here, 4 witch i 'just happened' to need a Jaguar photae for an image i was worKing on 4 Michelle's JKOB, and from whom this inpiRAtional request came from!
Thanx 4 Beeing inspiRed SpiritBear!

On this day, 10112007, "Rose had the first of her reconstructive shoulder surgeries today. The surgeon said it was successful. She’s recuperating at home. We’ll know about physical therapy next week after her check up. Thank you for your love and concern."~David
i have been thinking of Rose all day and 'accidentally' came across these words when i googled for healing messages today. SpiderwOMan strikes again!
Think Pink! In love & light, ShaRi


We want you to know that your world is spinning much faster in its evolutionary scale.
However, nothing moves at a faster speed than the Beating Heart of Love.
And always remember that our Hearts are perfectly synchronized in beautiful rhythm, now and forever.~The Angelic Realm via Doreen Virtue (sea
And 2day 07292008, my friend and yoga teacher, Gail, is having a lumpectomy 4 breast cancer. i send her this message 2day as her world is beeing brought back InSynk.


2 Blessed 2 Bee Stressed :)
2 anointed 2 Bee Disappointed :)



Saturday, October 07, 2006


From the bottom up:
Az wee CareFully Sweep
the Ground
a Tree
Springs Up
the Earth

They let me stay in their beautiful mountain home whilst they were away. My first SOLitude in years. SOLitude from city convenience, sounds, lights as well as people and duty. It was only 24 hours, but it was enough. The drive up was blessed by RAin, as were the first hours after my arrival. It was a softvelvetymelodicsweetsmelling RAin. You know the kind, the kind that soothes a drought-stRICKen Soul. That night, i walked out onto the deck, and there was the tWINKling Ursa Major walking along the ridge, the same ridge that is behind the tree, in the crispcleanair. It took my breathe away, and was so enigmatic that the image remained with me until i was able to put it down on paper upon my return. i did not want to break the spell by turning on the lights that Knight. The next morn, i spotted a calender with this Sweeping Gatha ( i was so enamoRED of it, that i wrote it down. Then as i roamed with my cameRA, i spotted the tree. WOW, i thought, that's the perfect tree to go with that Gatha! DuRING Jill's salon ( XI) was when the photo taken came to Light, and the Sweeping Gatha seemed to have some relevance 2 the subject. Az i began to to compose the words, i 'accidentally' came across this font (LARiat) that had stars as dots 4 the i's and a Spring shape 4 the capital E! when i Googled 4 handmade brooms, the number 2 site rendered this gorgeous wedding broom.
( is it Knot? Then it occurRED to me that the SWAN comet serendipitously found 4 AnOther image would bee purrfect for the innLight10ed Tree! i just needed to rotate it 'till it was vertical.
( for 2006 October 4) Everything had fALLEN in2 Place Thanx 2 ALL my WonderFull SpiritBears EveryWhere!

Thursday, October 05, 2006


may all thy walls resonate with Joy
may every room resound with Laughter
thru every window & door may Love & Light enter
thus may Bliss abide in thy abode both inside & out

The inspiRAtion came from these words by Mary Ann RAdmacher (
"may your walls know joy; may every room hold laughter and every window open to great possibility" serendipitously discovered when the photaes from my 24 respite in the Jemez came to light and the collage was in progress just before Jill's salon was published. (sea SweepingGatha-October 2006) The Doorway, why photograph this? The Way of the Diamond path came to me in 2003. 'AllWays Lead Home Thru the Diamond Path' Can you sea the larger diamond composed of the 4 smaller ones? • SaRED GeoMeTree • 2 mee, the Diamond represents the Union (a la The DaVinci Code) v 4 Chalice ^ 4 Phalice • The Veil, the lace curtains, the Ritual Scarf, the Archetype, has AllWays facinated me. i have danced with them, used them in Ritual & Ceremony, coveRED windows with them because wee can sea thru them and yet hide behind them simultaneously • AnOther Union • and WOW! i just Googled 4 the Veil Archetype and BINGO the very 1st one! • • Very Evocative & Very InSynk! "That which is seen veils that which is not seen-a complex and whirling energy dance-for every veil we lift, a new one forms simultaneously. "Material" comes from the Latin work "mater," the Mother. And what might she be, this Mater? You could say she is a veiled woman dancing to a music which issues from her own heart. Or you could say she's subatomic particles configuring and reconfiguring. Or you could say she's Shiva Nataraja whirling in a circle of flames-or you could say many things — and everything you say will fling forth a metaphorical veil. The veil as an archetype travels a horseshoe-shaped energy path from very light to very dark and as such can evoke amazingly positive reactions as well as equally amazing negative ones. And it can evoke much in between. Beneath the veil one is Kumari, a virgin belonging to herself — not necessarily a physical virgin but a psychological one — like that special form of Kali Ma the Hindu goddess." Patricia J. Catto, or Shakinah, is an Associate Professor of Liberal Arts at the Kansas City Art Institute • and then there's the Trees, the Outer Guardians of the Inner Sanctum, with SOL in transition on the Ridge • and finally there is the Crystal Lotus, an image that arrived on a Knight of photographic play with a Veil! In SuCasa, it symbolizes the HeArt of Infinity that is at the Center of All Things on the Diamond Path.

The Phoenix House: When our house burned down to the ground five days before Christmas, we were devastated. However we knew we needed to count our blessings instead of looking at the negative. 1.) We has insurance. 2.) Neither one of us were hurt. 3.) We got all of our animals out safely. 4.) We sure got to find out who our REAL friends were.
Then instead of rebuilding our house the way it was............we rebuilt in the same spot, but built a Victorian Doll House. So, that's what we built! It has been used by the studios for commercials and TV shows. So, if that's not turning a bad thing into something great, I don't know what is.