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SpyderWoman is ThoughtWoman or CreationThinkerWoman. She created everything there is by thinking, dreaming, or naming. SpyderWoman is a metaphor for one who creates from a central source. She teaches how to plant seeds. She brings the sun, fire and light. She teaches pottery, weaving, and how to make ceremonial blessings. She has the power to give and take life. As a weaver, SpyderWoman spun two glittering strands of silver, with which she connected the four corners of the earth; the East to the West and the North to the South, creating an equal-armed cross, symbol for the Road of Life. As a potter, SpyderWoman used the red, yellow, white, and black clay of the earth to create the 4 peoples of the earth. To each, She attached a thread of her Webb which came from the doorway (sea Dorje beelow) at the top of Her Head. This thread was the gift of creative wisdom. She bestows limitless wisdom and the divine gifts of magic and prophecy. SpyderWoman is known to appear as both young and old, and manifests as a sacred guardian, overseeing the welfare of all those in need. She weaves the Web of Life and Protection, pulling things together, letting us know that we are a part of everything else. During our dream time, we remove part of our consciousness from physical reality and venture off through Her Webb - Her Matrix - Her Maze - to explore that which we cannot understand while in a physical body. In the creation of the four peoples, SpyderWoman teaches us that we are all created from the same matter. SpyderWoman's Webb links us to everything and everybody. What happens on one part of the Webb influences all parts of the Webb. We eminate from the center of the Webb, where we are all of one Spirit, and that Spirit is all -- it flows in and out of everything and everyone -- it embraces the earth -- it encompasses the universe. It is the earth. It is the universe. We are universal in Spirit, and SpyderWoman encourages us to continue weaving our dreams, even in times of despair and unknowing.

Invocation for Protection:
Eagle of the East, Protect where we meet, both inside and out.
Lion of the South, Protect this house, both inside and out.
Serpent of the West, Do what's best, both inside and out.
Ancestors of the North, Bring justice forth, both inside and out.
Ladies Above, Bring forth the Dove, both inside and out.
Lords Below, End this woe, both inside and out.
From All these Directions,
plus Southeast to Northwest and Northeast to Southwest,
O GreatGrandmotherSpyderWoman,

This image began life as a Samhain card. The spyder is a scan of a halloween spyder from the local drugstore.
The webb is a shot of a Samhain cape that hangs in a bedroom window.
The background is a shot into the back window of my RAV4. At the center of the webbs is a single DoorJay and in the Spyder's 'hands' is a Doubled DoorJay. (from Dorje is the Tibetan word for vajra. Do-rje means noble stone > Do = stone and rJe = noble or prince. It embodies not only the brilliance of refracted or reflected illumination, but it also symbolizes the impervious and fixed solidity of the point of power around which all else turns -- the axis mundi or hub of the world. 2 mee, the doubled DoorJay represents the Union of Heaven & earth. How many times have you seen a Spyder drop down 2 the earth from the heavens Upon her glitteRing strand? (sea In the center circle of the DoorJay 'hub' is the crystal lotus. (Sea SuCasa for the Lotus' story-October 2006.) i had always wanted to add an 8-armed goddess to this image, and i searched & searched when this image first beegan, but found nothing suitable, until last night-05312007. Buddhist Goddess: Indonesia, Sumatra; Shrivijayan style (c. 7th - 14th century), 9th century, Copper alloy, H. 6 1/4 in. (15.9 cm) Mr. and Mrs. John D. Rockefeller 3rd Collection of Asian Art 1979.084
The identification of this eight-armed goddess remains uncertain because with the exception of the vajra in her upper right hand, the rest of the attributes she once held are missing or damaged. The depiction of this figure's hair as a series of diagonal lines and the corkscrew curls running along the sides of her topknot and falling over her shoulders suggest that the piece may have come from Sumatra. The representation of the diadem as a thin band with triangular shapes and her high and extremely thin waist also point to a Sumatran provenance. The island of Sumatra was the site of the city of Palembang, generally accepted to be the capital of the kingdom of Shrivijaya, one of the greatest powers on Southeast Asia from the 7th through the 9th centuries. Very little is known about the religion of Shrivijaya, but we do know that Sumatra was once a major center for the study of Vajrayana Buddhism, the tradition noted for its worship of female deities. (sea

(sea RAinBowEnds-June 2007-for info on the 'pinwheel')


Outlaw said...

I thought of this post today as I frightened a rather large brown spider out of the tall grass with the lawn tractor. She scurried through the brush carrying her egg sack with her.

ShaRi said...

Thank you for letting her scurry!

ShaRi said...

i am posting this for Jane, as she had difficulty in posting, and i know not why. So she created a solution by e-mailing me her post. My thanx to her for being sew creative and 4 her kind words!
I enjoyed your writings on Spider Woman, and Svha, and Tara. I am especially close to Tara as I am an Aquarian with a perfect six pointed star in my chart. Or if you prefer two perfectly joined grande trines. Tara is my signifire. Through Tara one can perceive all things whether it be that of the future, past, or present.
Svha sprinkes her diamonds upon the ground evry morning in the dew and frost for us to see, and for the faeries to gather. No that is not a mispelling it is the true spelling of Fairy. We must always recognize the Oneness, even though sometimes we cannot understand the representaation in how it is displayed.

The path you are walking is lit with golden glow and soon this branch will open to a new beginning for you. There are glitering diamonds all around and the ruby glow of your love. The path you walk is not an easy one, even though you are making it as gentle and soft as you can. For this you are a very blessed spirit.
The white Lotus has been given to you to rise through the struggle of the path you travel.
Later I will again send you the song of 'The Silver Swan"
I share with you my silver star to help you along your path.