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Flight by Lyn Knowlton
There is a butterfly of exquisite beauty, that listens to my voice.
Whether I sing or pray, it comes to me to listen.
She is a pretty one of silver and gray.
That when the sun shines through her wings it is a snowy white.
She steps onto the window ledge and takes a peek to see who is watching. (only me!)
She tilts her small head and lifts her wings and flies towards the light; towards the dawning of a new day.
I know she will come back another day,
to sit and listen as I say my prayers and I tell her to have a safe flight.
Now, today you have taken on a new life form.
You've shed your cocoon and have grown new wings.
For your final flight, towards the heavens on a starlet night.

This poem was written by our beautyFull and wonderFull Hospice volunteer on the occassion of my mother's transformation on 12292006. It was late evening and the snowstorm of the century had just begun here when her spirit was carried aloft. A couple of years ago, it snowed out in CorralLess. i went out and looked up at the falling snow. The vision of that snow was like nothing else i had ever experienced bee4. i could feel and sea the snow keep falling thru me, even after i had gone back inside. It was a feeling of absolute joy and ecstacy. This vision lingered on for hours, and i can still recall it even now when i close my eyes in memory of it. i think it was a vision of the way my mom's spirit felt as she finally left her cocoon uniting her spirit with mine and the universe.
Now on the occassion of Mother's Day, all the elements of this memorial to her have come together.
My mom's Peace Rose is blooming, as it usually does around Mother's Day. So, here's a photo of one of them along with my love and prayers that Peace Profound will rise up within our hearts and souls and engulf us all like the soft, sweet smelling petals of a Rose. Namasté, ShaRi ....and appropriately enough, it is also my friend Rose's birthday today! (05132007) The Red Square nebula led me to search 4 Ojos de Dios, (sea comments for lynx to the info on this nebula)
which ultimately led mee 2 this beautyFull object of which i am now the proud owner.
(sea The colours in it penetrated my soul like a desert sunset does and like the snowflake vision did, reminding mee of Carlos Casteneda's 'Crack Beetween the Worlds', a reference to the affects of the DreamTime of Twilight. When Lyn sent me this beautyFull poem, i scanned this silver gray butterfly pin that i had given to mom. Perfect isn't it?
As usual as i searched for Other images, i came across the photae of the CorraLess mountain, whose colours reminded mee of Jay's Desert Light Ojo.
And in that same search, i allsew came across this photae of a piece of material from a 'sheep' bag that i got in Ireland and subsequently gave to my friend Michelle because it was InSynk with a manuscript of hers that she had sew graciously let mee reed.

4 those of U that did not know my mom, she was a most excellent seamstress. i've used the snowflakes that i found 4 I Did Not Die-April 2007-allbeeit, the technique of their use is Holy different in DesertFlight. It has just occurred to me that the photo of the blue cloth and the snowflakes are RAther ORB-like in nature.

The orb is the energy being transferred from a source (i.e. powerlines, heat energy, batteries, people, etc) to the spirit so they can manifest. "This may not even be a conscious thing the spirit is doing, just a natural way they get their energy. This would explain why the orbs are round balls. According to the laws of Physics energy being transferring like that would assume is natural shape of a sphere."
"Orbs are believed (by many) to be ghosts in the form of balls of light. They are life forms that travel in groups and are believed to be the human soul or life force of those that once inhabited a physical body here on earth. It is said that they are those spirits that have willingly stayed behind because they feel bound to their previous life or previous location for whatever reason. Spirits are capable of continuing a full existence on the other side with their full mental and emotional facilities intact. Many believe that we have spirits assigned to watch over us, but you won't normally be detecting them unless they have a special purpose in making their presence known."

Subject: InSynk
Date: December 30, 2006 6:02:46 PM MST

A Totally Unique Thought® For You...

i just went to TUT's site & clicked on the free e-cards. Then i clicked on the Let the Universe Pick Your Card, & this is what i got. Gave me goose bumps!

...supremely happy, in a "place" of profound and unspeakable beauty. A place where all are bathed in showers of unconditional LOVE. I am home, and before long, you will be too, and we will be together always. But until we embrace again, let me also share this with you... so that you can better understand those things that may trouble you the most:
I now know that the love I feel here was at all times on earth too, and all one must do in order to feel it, is to KNOW it is there. This love that shines on you now is there to comfort and console, to heal and restore, and to bring laughter and joy. You have set lofty goals for yourself and the challenges you've chosen are admirable, but with this love and the faith that you can do all things, even these noble callings will one day soon be little more than baby steps in your march to gaining dominion over every time-space illusion. You will prevail. Your dreams, as well as the obstacles placed on your path, are gifts given you so that you might sooner see this Light that now surrounds you.
Of these gifts, my parting was one. You need not be sad, for even now I am with you - though you must close your eyes to see me. The illusion of death presses one on to greater understandings, for only when faced with darkness can you begin to properly seek the light. A light that will reveal that there can be no endings, goodbyes, or sadness, without beginnings, reunions, and happiness, and that you and I are unlimited Beings of Light adventuring throughout creation so that we may rediscover the magnificence of our own divinity. We are Gods rolling like thunder through the heavenly landscapes of eternity, where there are only miracles, there is only love, and Everything is holy.
Before you on earth there remain infinite possibilities for the most fulfilling time of your life, in a universe conspiring on your behalf. The world is indeed your oyster, though your "work" is not yet done, and you will be happiest if you cling not too tightly to the past. But if you must, take solace in your times of sorrow by knowing that I am always there, that I will be at your triumphant homecoming, and that I too have prepared a place for you in a blissful celebration that is only just beginning. I love you so. I am happy. God speed.


Spiritbear said...

Thank you for posting this and the beautiful imagery and its history. I love hearing the way you process and put these things together.

I was not aware of the Red Square nebula...can you tell me more abou that??? It is stunning!!

It is appropriate that you pointed me to see this blog today, as for the past 36 hours I have been compelled to put more than the usual amount of time into the butterfly I started embroidering for you the day after your mother died. I am determined that by midnight here it will be finished so I can continue the rest of the wall hanging onto which it will rest. I guess it's just butterfly time!

Take care,

ShaRi said...

Since I don't always get my post to appear I have sent it to you in this letter. If it does not appear as a post on the website please feel free to post if for me. Jane

Thank you for this sharing. AS you know your Mother's passing came 2 weeks to the day of my Mother's transition (passing).
I have also written something about my Mother I will share it with you later. I do believe both our Mothers are in peaceful transition. I have visions of a beautiful garden full of flowers and butterfies. If we walk among them they flutter close and kiss us as we enjoy the peace there. Peace be with you my friend, my sister. I know that the beautiful butterfly that you see coming to you will return.

MIche & Jane,
The butterflies are definitely InSynk today! Here's a posting from GriefNet earlier today.

Hi everyone,
It is now 3.00pm Sunday, mother's day and I think the worst part of the day is over.
I was OK until I was driving to the cemetry, I was very upset, again just thinking that she was still with us this time last year. I spent about 2hrs. with mum. I know the cemetry is a very sad place, but somehow I feel some sort of calmness when I'm there.
While sitting on mum's grave I felt a light touch on my arm. I looked to see if a leaf had fallen on me but it didn't. It was like a light stroking of a finger or feather. I think it was mum trying to comfort me.
I am expecting my children and grand children for dinner, (take away of course) and that should keep my mind pre occupied.
For those of you who are going through it, I wish you peace and strength and know that your mum is always with you.
Love Rita xxx

Rita, (who lives in Austrailia by the way)
i have had similar experiences with my mom. i call them her butterfly kisses. (she loved butterflies) ShaRi

i look forward to hearing about what you have written to your mom!

Here's the lynx to the red square nebula from astronomy picture of the day.
and you should see the one for today!!!

Swari Hhan said...

The picture beautifully captures the sense of your Mother's transformation flight. Everytime I see a butterfly I think of Ouida and her ability to create magical garmets for herself and you to wear. And the Peace rose photo brings back memories of the many times I crawled around under her Peace Rose "Tree" and sprinkled rose food about. All of which reminds me of how much your mom and you supported me for which I am deeply grateful. Such beautiful memories.

ShaRi said...

Here's a series of comments on the red square nebula and beyound from Brad:

Thanks for the mails.
have not looked at the astronomy pics of the day for a long time.
It is good to again look beyond the cloud cover.
Thought I would pass on my thoughts in checking out the square nebula.
here are two smaller beautifully formed hexagons stars to the lower and upper right. The square is a flatten perspective of the tetrahedron seen from an edge view, which may in fact be what is seen
from our particular view. The hexagon stars might well be of similar configuration in a different position to our place of viewing. Both the square and hexagon are differentiated aspects of the tetrahedron relationship, keeping in mind that all these stop action images are of incredibly dynamic patterns of movement.
We never lose mom. She is as much of us as we are from her. I hope you found comfort and joy in this mothers day.

Thank you for these observations. It's good to see it from the perspective of one who can see it in 3-dimensions, geometrically speaking that is! To me this shape represents the diamond path, the union of female and male (a la 'The Da Vinci Code). v=female, ^=male, put them together and you have a 4-sided, diamond shape. "All Ways Lead Home Thru the Diamond Path". which to me is indeed an 'incredibly dynamic pattern of movement'!

Thank you for your kind thought of mom.
Mother's Day was indeed full of many comforting and joyful synchronicities, and no, mom is definitely not lost.

May i publish your comments on the blog?

On your comment about the diamond. First, we live in a 3-dimensional spatial universe, not a flat one. Union is the dual tetrahedron, one with point up and one with the point down, together forming a spatial arrangement that shares an octahedron center, the spatial equivalent of the diamond. This is by some considered to be the male/female energy that you are referring to. The octahedron compressed from the edge view is a diamond shape. When the two tetrahedra, male/female, are balanced a cube pattern is formed which is all about dynamic movement. The two tetrahedra are stable and the cube as form is about movement and change; four, form, reformation, transformation, information. The shared octahedron space is structural, formed by the two opposite positioned tetrahedra. The tetrahedron is found in the molecular arrangement of carbon in the highly compressed form of the diamond. The tetrahedron is crucial to dynamic movement and change since there must be structural pattern to carry it through many generations without breaking down. Much like the DNA double helix that is patterned to tetrahedra in a helix form. If this sounds a little to discrete and mechanical to you it is only because I lack the understanding to see beyond the forms to the flowing dynamics of
living energy as a means of explanation that might make more sense. So I am left with geometry terms that we tend to think of as abstract concepts.Yes you may post my comments on your blog. When I put something out, particularly to the web, I understand it is subject to what anyone will do with it, or not. Like any form of expression, in the act of being expressed we release ownership.

i like this comment, "Like any form of expression, in the act of being expressed we release ownership." i've never felt that anything i've
created was exclusively mine, most especially in the very act of expression itself , and if the result of that expression effects someone, then it becomes partly theirs as well.
How do you feel about 'Sacred Geometry, the mathematical order of the cosmos as it relates to the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Series? Are
we (trees included) all from the same pattern, origin or divine creation?'
(First, let's be clear about geometry, it is not mathematics. Mathematics developed from geometry as abstract generalizations about the functions and relationship observed in geometry, which is based on observations of patterns of movement, organization, and the natural arranging of things in space. It was developed as a way to make sense of the order of the universe as we perceive it. The order of the cosmos is complex in forming and much simpler in geometry (plan) than we presently know, for it has to do with the hierarchy of spiritual energy distribution down to reality on the physical level.
Yes it is indeed all divinely inspired and God created. To think that we can understand the ordering of the universe on a spiritual level when we are not there yet, and have very little understanding of the physical universe is an arrogant and very human position to take. In naming things in geometry we are only referencing observations, and most often not our own but the words and understanding of someone else.
'Sacred Geometry' is a name given to specific functions found in Euclidean geometry, a compilation of older geometries, that have been separated out and favored. Maybe that is not fair to say, but I feel that all geometry found in nature is an order we know almost nothing about. It is all sacred. There is no such thing as sacred geometry and non-sacred geometry. There is only the description of how energy is organized into things and that includes all geometries the human mind has created and those revelations that have come from higher mind. We have made the sacred separation to distinguish intention and use to assume a higher knowledge by one group over another.
Our understanding of geometry comes from a fixed flat plane and relationship of parts, such as points, on that plane. Einstein addressed that in the beginning of his 1920 writings about general relativity. What was not addressed was the absolute and eternal, origin, God that gives meaning to all else that is relativity.)
The golden ratio and the Fibonacci series are more than just mathematical description. These are not just about numbers, but proportional relationships of movement from formed to the unformed, the the known to the unknown.

ShaRi said...

Anonymous Josiesangel said...

Such a lovely memorial site for your beloved (((mother))) with very beautiful pictures.Your mother would be proud.Love and blessings Josie
Tue Dec 18, 09:26:00 PM 2007