Tuesday, May 03, 2011



My dear child
I can see your tears
Please know I help wipe them
And calm your fears

I know you think of me
As you drink your morning cup
And when you want to talk to me
You always look 'up'.

I'm closer than you think my love
I'm with you every day
I'm always in your heart
But am with you in other ways.

I am the birds who sing above
I'm the butterfly who dances for you
I am the stars up in the sky
I am the morning dew.

I am the rainbow after the storm
The one that makes you smile
I'm the one who wraps my arms around you
When you think things aren't worthwhile.

Perhaps you can feel me on those days
As I gently wrap around you,
I notice the smile come over your face
And am sure you feel me too.

I'm the breeze that cools you on a hot day
I'm the laughter you hear in the park
I'm the first star you see in the sky
Right when it starts to get dark.

I'm with you in so many ways my love
I hope you feel it too;
While death may have taken me from this earth,
It could never keep me from you.

Love always, Mom/Mother/Mum

This lovely poem was written by Kimi Tervydis, one of the many loving and wise women at griefnet.org, for all of us that were struggling with Mother's Day this year. " To all my friends who have lost their mom. I wrote this for you.
Much love to you all always, Kimi" 'the rainbow after the storm The one that makes you smile' was taken in Scotland by my friend Michelle, whom i hope to persuade to post its story sometime. (sea the comments) 'the butterfly who dances for you' is from my mom's memORRial-DesertFlight-May2007. 'the birds who sing above' are from TempleGaia, TheTreeWebO'Life-a work in progress-which when posted will come in as May 2007. 'the stars up in the sky' are from BlueTaRA-a work coming soon to a blog near you! 'the morning dew' is also a part of DesertFlight-May2007-the section of the 'sheep bag' that i got in Ireland, the land of some of my ancestors. 'While death may have taken me from this earth' was the line that inspired the use of this balloon heart sent to me by the lovely Ginny, another one of the grieftnet.org ladies, on the occasion of Virginia Tech. Perhaps she too will post its story one day. It seems that balloons have also beecome a popular commemoRAtion ritual amoungst many at griefnet.org 'the first star you see in the sky Right when it starts to get dark' is the ever so lovely double crystal lotus at the center of the balloon heart. (sea RAinBowTaRA-March2007)


Spiritbear said...

All most very lovely.

Ok, the story: It is QUITE a story. Short version, as longer version appears in an upcoming book so let me Miller Alen (c) 2007 this:

En route to Scotland to meet widower who has helped me thru my grief via Internet...I dream Rick, my deceased husband, is standing on a beach on an inlet leading out into the ocean and dives into the water a little off to the left...I fear he has drowned, I wait...he comes up once, then twice, waves excitedly and shouts something to me that I can't understand, then dives again and does not come back up. Suddenly the land formation to my right splits in half and half sinks into the ocean. I wake up.

When I arrive in Scotland I am taken to a place to stay in the Highlands. Out the front door of beachfront house is an inlet leading into the ocean. The second morning the widower (to become my second husband in time) and I are struggling with mutual grief issues and how to relate to a new human being and I'm feeling a sense of despair, this will never work, why did I come here...when suddenly he dashes out and comes back and says come see! I go out to see and here is this rainbow extending over the castle nearby and into the water...I realize this is the inlet of my dream and the rainbow is touching down at the spot in the water slightly to the left where Rick had dove in, in my dream. I have a sense of peace and hope and that I should hang in there, all will be revealed, all is well.

So I did and so it has come to be.

He took that picture while I stood there pondering in absolute amazement.

They do communicate with us after they move along past the veil.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


ShaRi said...

WOW, that was fast! Thanks Miche!

Spiritbear said...

There was even more...Rick's password for things was Bifrost, the bridge between worlds and I have heard it's a rainbow...also, the bit about the land formation breaking off...I wondered what that meant and later decided it was a reminder that time is ALL time, past, present and future and that, someday, that land formation or the castle on it will crumble into the sea.


ShaRi said...

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bifröst

Bifröst is in Norse mythology the bridge leading from the realm of mortals, Midgard, to the realm of the gods, Asgard, which the gods travel daily to hold their councils and pass judgements at Urdarbrunn (Well of Urd) under the shade of the tree Yggdrasill. The bridge itself is the rainbow and its guardian is the god Heimdallr, whose hall of Himinbjorg (hummingbird?) is located at the upper end of the bridge. The red color is the flaming fire, which serves as a defense against the giants because it is pro-ported that it will collapse when ridden upon by the fire giants during the destruction of Ragnarök, the end of the world. It was built by the Æsir.

i think you are right about time, and the collapse of Bifrost means that the sepaRAtion of our worlds collapses upon our transition from one world to another. "There is no death, just a change of worlds." Chief Seattle

Interesting 2, that the bridge is destroyed by fire, the flames of the Phoenix mayhaps.